As a leader of the spa industry, we know that education is a crucial key towards the continued growth of the spa industry and most importantly the success of our brands in your business.

Baronesse offers a variety of courses, each specifically adapted to the different segments of the broad spa-industry spectrum and to the brands we represent. We offer trainings throughout Canada and in all major cities.

We are thrilled to welcome our partners to the Baronesse Academy! Whether you are a spa owner/director or an employee, we have the perfect training program, geared towards maximizing your knowledge, motivation and success.

We are proud to offer a program, which re-enforces and improves all levels, including:

  • Specialized and targeted training for managers and aestheticians.
  • Targeted training for front desk staff and spa coordinators (all team players).
  • Interactive and advanced sales training.
  • Advanced programs for skin and body care.
  • Trainings that respond to the present and the future trends.
  • and much more…

We look forward to welcoming you to the Baronesse Academy,
where from theory to hands-on, we have the perfect environment to learn…