Mary Cohr is a complete retail and specific treatment brand, for the face and body. Founded by Dr. Jean-Daniel Mondin, a doctor in pharmacology, Mary Cohr has products for global beauty, with a perfect balance between science, advanced technology and nature.

About Mary Cohr

  • Biotechnology: fast, effective and visible results.
  • State of the art and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility: white rooms, purified water, double weighing verification system and total batch traceability = total safety and security (ISO 227716).
  • A laboratory in compliance with European cosmetic laws.
  • Collaboration and recognition from renowned doctors, dermatologists, hospitals and burn centres world-wide.
  • GMO-free, paraban-free, chemical filter-free, not tested on animals and environmentally conscious.
  • Manufacturer of Master Colors, a complete mineral based make-up range for the professional market.

High Technology


  • Peptides, hyaluronic acid, enzymes, vitamins C, E & D, glyocolic acid.
  • Cellular life concentrate (56 biological active ingredients, 21 amino-acids, 17 vitamins).
  • Vit C cell respiration, Vit A cellular growth agent, Vit B complex, Vit F.
  • 16 biological active ingredients (carbohydrates, cell fuel, DNA & RNA).
  • Hydrolyzed DNA (limiting damage to natural DNA).
  • Ederline (apple extract) comprised of phytohormones.
  • Pro-collagen (hydrolyzed collagen & biopeptides EL & CL).

Advanced Treatment Technologies


  • Non-surgical lift (face)
  • Dual ionization technology (face)
  • Lipo.Dermo.Sculpting (body)

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